Questions And Answers about RobotScope

Q: Can RobotScope confirm that “Nothing is wrong with my robot”?

A: Through testing, RobotScope will help build your confidence in a robot’s reliability. Most system can be made to run for a few minutes. The tougher question that RobotScope helps answer is: "How long will it run? Days or months or years?".

Q: Can RobotScope tell me exactly what the problem is with my robot?

A: RobotScope helps capture the technical details about failure and pre-failure events. It also allows you to systematically replicate the conditions where previous failures occurred. These are key steps toward discerning, diagnosing, and fixing the problem.

Q: Can I use RobotScope to service my robot?

A: No. After installation, RobotScope verifies that the equipment runs OK. It is not a service tool or a robot maintenance tool. Robot manufacturers provide installation & service utility software with each robot. This is used to teach, set speeds and trajectories, adjust the sensors, etc. RobotScope checks to make sure this has all been done properly.

Q: Will RobotScope protect my robot from collisions?

A: RobotScope feeds commands to the robot, based on manual pushbuttons or from a script. The robot’s protected work zone and built-in software guard against collisions. RobotScope commands the controller to go to its preprogrammed stations, as in normal operation. RobotScope does not modify or disturb stations or taught coordinates in robot memory. For robotic work cells that have closable doors and passages, RobotScope commands the cell controller.